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Don Haskins Memorial Tournament Welcomes All Coaches

Welcome Coach to El Paso, Texas! Home of the Don Haskins Memorial Youth Basketball Tournament. This is much more than a single tournament, it is an event that will be year round in its efforts to support out youth on the border, as well as highlight our local basketball prospects and those who traveled to El Paso to play in this event. We are on your side!

Our website will be unique. This will be the area’s ‘go to’ website for basketball news and information in the area. We will feature local and area players for the recruiters to see, provide league, game, tournament, camps, and clinic information for our boys and girls, and promote our wonderful City of El Paso.

We hope you will enjoy your stay here, if you are traveling to El Paso. We have many fine restaurants, hotels, and retail stores for you to enjoy. Our weather is great too! We hope you will find all the resources you need on this page and on our web-site, if not…contact us and we will get it right. Thanks Coach, and good luck!

Tournament Guidelines:

1. Entry Fee

2. Awards

  • Team Trophies for Champion & Runner Up
  • 1st Place Individual Awards
  • 2nd Place Individual Awards
  • Individual Division MVP Awards

3. Tournament format

  • Pool Play, Then single elimination (3 game guarantee)
  • Brackets will be available online at and will be updated periodically

4. location

  • El Paso, Texas

5. dates

  • May 2nd-4th, 2014

6. admission

  • Daily Admission: Adults-$6, Seniors/Students-$4, Children age 3 or younger are free.
  • Tournament Pass good for all 3 days: Adults-$15, Senior/Students-$10
  • Tournament Pass good all days at ALL venues

7. roster

  • Teams are limited to 12 players on the roster and no more than 2 coaches are allowed on the bench.
  • Players may not be added to a team’s roster after the first game begins.
  • Coaches must enter their line-up 15 minutes prior to the start of their game into the official scorebook at the scorer’s table.
  • There are no restrictions on playing time for players.

8. uniforms

  • All team members should have matching shirts with a clearly visible number on the front and/or back of jersey.

9. arrival time

  • Participating teams should report to designated school 30 minutes prior to their scheduled game time.
  • All players not playing but on the roster should be listed at the bottom of the scorebook players’ column.

10. warm-up

  • Each team will get a minimum of 3 minutes to warm-up on the court prior to the game.

11. home/guest

  • The top team in the game bracket will be the home team, wearing a light colored jersey and sitting to the left of the score table.
  • The bottom team in the game bracket will be the guest, wearing a dark colored jersey and sitting to the right of the score table.

12. officials

  • Two officials will be provided for each game.
  • ALL Championship games will be provided with three officials.

tournament rules

1. playing rules

  • National High School Federation rules will be followed except where specifically noted.

2. coaches

  • Any coach, player, or fan who receives 2 unsportsmanlike technical fouls during the tournament will be automatically disqualified for the remainder of the tournament.

3. time keeping

  • 2 Full Timeouts PER half (timeouts DO NOT carry over into overtime)
  • High School Division: 2-20 minute halves with a running clock
  • 14 and Under Division: 2-18 minute halves with a running clock
  • 2 Full Timeouts PER half (timeouts DO NOT carry over into overtime)
  • Clock will stop on ALL dead balls in the last minute in the first half and the last 2 minutes in the second half (unless a team is down by 20+ points in the second half).
  • Clock will stop on time-outs, injuries and when requested by officials, scorekeeper or gym supervisor.
  • Score tables’ time clock and score is official and final.

4. overtime

  • If game is tied at the end of regulation, a 2 minute overtime will be played (Clock will stop on ALL dead balls).
  • All personal fouls and second half team fouls will carry over to overtime.
  • Each team will have one (1) timeout in overtime.

5. fouls

  • Players foul out with their fifth (5th) foul
  • The score tables documentation of individual and team fouls is official and final.

6. ball size and basket height

  • 28.5″ – ALL Girls divisions/ Boys10 & under divisions
  • 29.5″ – 11 & under Boys thru High School Division Boys
  • ALL courts will have 10′ baskets and 15′ free-throw lines.
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