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Where do the proceeds of the tournament go?

All proceeds from the tournament will go to support character development through youth sports and afterschool programs throughout the El Paso area. For those who are interested in helping in these efforts, please visit the sponsorship page of this website.

General Information

The Don Haskins Memorial Basketball Tournament for boys and girls is a pool play, single elimination tournament with a three game guarantee.


Champions will receive a Championship Trophy and individual awards.
Runner up teams receive a Championship Trophy and individual awards.
Each division will have an “MVP” selected for boys and girls and awards presented to each.

Behavior Rules

Teams, players, coaches and other team personnel will abide by all NFHS Rules and Policies regarding behavior and proper conduct while at the tournament.

Individuals and/or groups attending the tournaments are expected to display “good sportsmanship” at all times. Those who act in a disorderly manner, engage in acts of violence, etc. will be removed from the game and may not return to the tournament.

“Noisemakers”, air-horns, cow-bells, sirens, and other such devices that are deemed objectionable to other fans and/or the tournament officials ARE PROHIBITED!

Bench Assignments

Teams on the top of the bracket are designated as the HOME team and should wear their LIGHT colored uniforms. The team on the bottom of the bracket is designated as the VISITING team and should wear their DARK colored uniforms. Standing at mid-court looking at the scorer’s table the HOME bench is to the left and the VISITOR bench is to the right.


May 2 – May 4, 2014 (Friday – Sunday)

Teams traveling from outside the El Paso area WILL NOT be scheduled on Thursday.

Entry List

Participating teams may not dress more than twelve (12) players.

Facility Issues, etc.

There may be occasions, such as, but not limited to, inclement weather, facility setbacks, and other acts of nature, that require the rescheduling of tournament games to other facilities. The Tournament will do everything in its power to notify coaches well in advance of such re-scheduling.

Gate Fees

For One Day passes, adults will be charged $6 and ages 3 through 17 will be charged $4.

For Multi Day passes, adults will be charged $15 and ages 3 through 17 will be charged $10.

Each team will receive 2 free admissions for their coaching staff and 12 free admissions for rostered players.

Locker Rooms

Locker Rooms will not be available for use. Teams are to dress and shower at their motels. The Tournament is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Arrangements for media passes, both in advance and during the tournament, should be made with, Tournament Media Director, Victoria Welsh at 502-468-0425.

Pre/Post Game Ceremonies

There will be a five – ten [5 – 10] minute break after the first game of each session to allow the bench areas to be cleared, the playing floor to be cleaned and the scorers table to tabulate the books and perform other necessary duties.

All teams and coaches will participate in all ceremonies.

Practice Schedules

Other than the times available immediately prior to your team’s game, practice time will not be available.

What is your Refund Policy?


No refunds after April 29, 2014 Deadline.


There are many “fast-food” and “full-service” restaurants available in the area. See website for a list of area restaurants.


Players may play on multiple teams, but are allowed to be on only one roster per division. Example: a 4th grader can play on a 4th grade team and a 5th grade team, but not two teams in the same grade.


Teams/players wishing to attend sessions that they are not participating in, may gain admission by showing their Tournament ID at the Pass Gate. Any person attempting to gain admittance with a Players ID or one that was not issued to them will have the ID confiscated.

Tournament Programs

The official Tournament Program will be available for purchase at each venue for $5.


Official Don Haskins Memorial Basketball Tournament t-shirts will be available for purchase at each venue.

My question isn’t answered here, what should I do?

Visit our contact page and email the appropriate mailbox, or call us at 915.471.6155.
We’ll be happy to answer your question personally.

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